Commercial Fleet Services

We can handle your Commercial Fleet Services!

With Brookwood Auto Center’s Commercial Fleet Services, we can help you reduce future repairs while limiting vehicle downtime and it’s related expenses. With a full inspection preformed on all vehicles, we can detect issues early for a more efficient operation and turn around time. At Brookwood Auto Center, it is our mission to keep your business, fleet, and employees running at full capacity. 

Our goal is to keep your fleet vehicles on the road. In turn, your crew can keep working, and deliver timely service to your customers. Correspondingly, we offer full service and repair and have Seven Double Bays measuring 50 feet deep. Our Bay Doors are 12’X14′ and one 12’X16′ to accommodate your fleet vehicles up to 16 feet long and 7 feet wide. Whatever service is needed, we are equipped and ready to help serve you.

                                   COMMERCIAL FLEET VAN ON RACK       COMMERCIAL FLEET SERVICES

As a Penske authorized dealer we can keep your business and employees going. We can offer truck rentals ranging from standard vans all the way up to a 26 ft box trucks. Don’t let a fleet repair hold you down ever again!

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